jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Good lighting

And we continue with the wonderful tips for a perfect makeup … All the times there has not happened to us that we believe that we have applied our makeup to the perfection, and simply on having opened the mirror of the car we notice that our makeup is a disaster.

So it is indispensable to possess good lighting to make up correctly. But as knowing that type of makeup is the one that you will have to use? Very simple … using a light similar to the one that you will be exposed when you go out.

If the makeup is by day it is better to realize it with natural light, near some window. But if the makeup is by night do not forget to think if in the place that you are going to be, this one illuminated with cold or hot lights.

Be which is the situation do not forget that the light where you go away to making up has to illuminate both the complete face and the neck.

Nowadays mirrors exist on the market with different types of built-in light that the different scenes, very good option simulate for a perfect makeup.

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